Friday, October 25, 2013

Hospital Days

Being in the hospital after having Sawyer brought me some of my favorite memories. Something about being in a cozy room with your husband and new baby is just awesome. Because of that I was looking forward to my hospital days with Mike and Blair. I knew I would miss Sawyer like crazy and I did. I would find myself getting weepy at the thought of missing him but I knew he would be in good hands.

My hospital stay with Blair was so wonderful and I basically held her almost the whole time. We stayed two nights and I loved almost every second of it. Something about the snuggling of a newborn helped me forget how painful the whole surgery and recovery was. However my nurses seemed impressed that i was able to get out of bed so easily after the whole ordeal. I remember it being much more painful with Sawyer. 

I loved being visited by my little dude. He was he sweetest boy and I was so happy to see his smiling face. Sawyer and Molly (Mike's mom) came twice on Thursday and once on Friday and we went home Friday evening. Sawyer was a big hit in his Big Brother t-shirt! 

Blair is such a dreamy baby. She loves to eat, loves be held, and loves to be snugged up in a warm blanket. We learned in the hospital that she needs to be swaddled by more than one blanket so we've been swaddling her with 2 at home and she seems so content. She was super alert right after she was born and stayed that way into the recovery room, then while in recovery she fell asleep and stayed asleep (aside from a few cry-outs when she wanted to eat) for almost an entire day. She even slept through her first bath that night. She reminds me of Sawyer but I also think she has her own little look to her.

She doesn't seem to care for baths (except for that first one), getting her diaper changed, or getting dressed. We are all so in love with her and Sawyer is a great big brother. He has a cough so we've been keeping them apart as much as we can but he is so sweet about her.

I took a bunch of pictures on my phone during my stay and wanted to post them mostly for my memory since I love them just as much as the ones taken from my regular camera.


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  1. I just love your growing family! Blair is such a perfect little addition to it!


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