Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back to the Pumpkin Patch!

I just couldn't NOT go back to the pumpkin patch, I needed some pictures of Blair surrounded by pumpkins! I know, I'm a little weird. We decided to go back to the same place since Sawyer seemed to like it there last weekend, and they have a great produce (and more) store and a bunch of vegetables sounded really good to me. It was really strange to me to walk around the store and the pumpkin patch thinking "I was just here one week and one day ago, and she was in my belly, and now she is in her stroller."

Having just had a baby, it took me a long time to get off the couch and get myself and Blair ready, but I was determined to do this. My family was patient with me and no one complained (at least to my face) that we left the house at 3. We intended on leaving a bit earlier but a certain little girl decided she needed to have a marathon nursing session right then and there and how can you say no to a teeny tiny baby? After everyone was fed and happy (except Mike and I who realized we had hardly eaten all day, what the heck?) we left and it was so cute to see Sawyer sitting in the backseat with his sister. I kept asking him what she was doing and he would give me the play by play-she slept the whole time.

Snuggling her daddy


These pigs were going nuts, Sawyer thought they were funny

She was clearly thrilled

 Poor gal kept sliding down farther and farther

Awkward Family Photos

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