Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fall walk in the park

We decided that it was time to get Sawyer a new jacket after realizing his size 4T Patagonia jacket was too small. So we hustled over to REI and grabbed a new jacket for him and took it out on a "test drive" just out of town. I was excited to get some cute fall pics of the kids and us Huffords love our adventures!

Halloween 2015

It rained and trick or treating was miserable but the kids had a ball! I'm glad I snapped these pics before it started dumping buckets!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Celebrations for Blair's 2nd Birthday

My parents had an anniversary party the day after Blair's birthday and they wanted us all to attend. Since it was just a one night trip and Sawyer had a soccer game we decided that it would be best for just Blair and I to attend (though I missed those boys of mine!) Since she was such a big girl it was her first time to have her own seat on an airplane and she was pretty pleased with herself. The party was at a nice restaurant, "Nicks Next Door," in Los Gatos and Blair sat so nicely the entire time and thought the whole party was for her. The large group sitting behind us sang happy birthday to one of their people and she assumed everyone was singing to her. It was the funniest and cutest thing. Then we all sang to her and afterwards we realized that the group behind us must of thought our group of close to 20 adults was there to celebrate a 2 year olds birthday party. I got a real laugh out of that.

 She loved the owner, Nick

when the other group was singing....

a big cupcake all to herself!

crazy lady on the flight home

Obligatory family shot before any party

We had a princess themed party and encouraged teh girls to dress up like princesses. pretty much the cutest ever

the boys had fun in the backyard

I still can't believe she is 2!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Blair Victoria turns 2!

I'm so behind in my poor blog! On October 16th Blair turned 2! She woke up to a new play kitchen which she loved so much (and Sawyer did too)! She was so cute and knew just what to do. We took Sawyer to school and then had a fun girls day of playing at the park (didn't last too long since the slide was wet and I didn't realize until too late) and playing at home. To make up for the park fiasco we stayed at Sawyer's school after pick up to play on the playground. 

We had some friends come over for dinner and they were so lovely and gifted Blair so many fun accessories so she could be a true toddler chef. Such a fun day for my little gal!

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