Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Things I Want to Remember - November 2014

I probably forget 80% of the stuff I want to remember so I need to keep writing these things down. My kids are precious and I know when they are grown up I will not remember any of this stuff unless it's here on my blog (hopefully this still exists somehow?)

  • Sawyer putting pointing his wrists at me over and over saying "mommy, why when I go like this spiderwebs don't come out?" Well, because you aren't spiderman. "ok." 
  • Blair running to Mike and saying "DADA!" when he gets home each night
  • Blair running in general
  • Sawyer singing his school songs and then acting shy when he sees me watching
  • When they play together nicely
  • Blair getting mad and yelling at me at Target when I thought she wanted the pink sparkly purse rather than the silver purse with a bow
  • Blair ripping the bow out of her hair and trying to put it in my hair
  • Sawyer telling me I'm his favorite girl (I hope that lasts forever ;) )
  • Sawyer telling me he likes chocolate pooding (pudding) and that his friend likes bornilla and chocolate pooding
  • Sawyer said the other day "Mommy, I like my long hair and I know you like my long hair. But I don't want it too long like a princess down to my FEET!" Point taken. He got a haircut.
Blair also had her 1 year check up today finally (oops). She is in the 86th% for weight and 40th% for height! Poor little shorty! But she is right on track with her development and the cutest and smartest in my opinion!

hair cut day
I sadly drew this turkey for Sawyer to color - turned out very cute and we will put it on the door for Thanksgiving so the grandparents know where to stop ;)

fighting over chip clips

School Thanksgiving program - pretty much the cutest thing of all time

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Little Hike with Little Bundles

We were feeling a bit cooped up today so after Blair woke up from her nap (she took a 3 hour nap today - kind of awesome) we went for a short hike not too far from our house. I was excited to bundle them up in warm jackets and hats, and the biggest thrill was that Blair fits in Sawyer's old down jacket (and he still fits in the one we got him 2 years ago!). She rocks the blue, doesn't she?

She really wanted to walk rather than be held. We let her, and it was kind of funny, she was stumbling and sometimes would catch herself before falling, sometimes we would catch her, sometimes she had to put her hands down. Welcome to hiking life Blair!

The leader

I love this pirate face he makes, and Mike has started suggesting I get a new car (I don't want to) so I am happy to include this picture for a memory in case I do get a new car soon :) 

For some reason we brought a goose call (I don't really want to know why) and Sawyer had to give it a try

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mish Mash / Soccer, North Carolina, Hooligans

It's been awhile since I had the opportunity to blog and I have a bunch of random photos (old and new) that I wanted to post so I can be caught up!

This past Monday was our last day of soccer, Sawyer loved his weekly soccer practice more than I would have imagined. They got to wear costumes since it was just a few days after Halloween and luckily for Sawyer I randomly grabbed a $5 clearance Spiderman costume one day before I found out they could wear costumes. He was a fireman for Halloween with a big bulky jacket and pants so the Spiderman costume was better for soccer playing. I didn't really get any pictures of this because of the time change and most of the hour was played in the dusk and was practically pitch black for the last 15 minutes.

But I do have some pictures of the previous weeks!

Blair enjoys stuffing her face with snacks during this time

The day before Blair's birthday Sawyer had a field trip to the pumpkin patch that I got to go to and he just looked adorable

The last week of October I went to Asheville, North Carolina, for a business trip, I missed my family so much but I was so busy I didn't have too much time to dwell on it. I had planned my return flight so that I would be home for trick-or-treating on the 31st, but about 6 hours before my the flight I found out the first leg was cancelled (nooooo!) and the next available return flight was 5:15pm (we were supposed to fly out at 6:20am) so I didn't get home until about 11:30pm. Definitely a bummer, but it worked out ok because I got to actually get some solid sleep, and my coworker (who I was traveling with) and I got to have a nice leisurely lunch, shop around the hotel, and take our time getting ready to go. After the rush of the week, it was nice to relax and enjoy the nice hotel and its beautiful views.

The back of the main building of the Omni Grove Park Inn

The front, I actually had my first celebrity sighting right after I took this picture. She did not seem to pleased to be recognized and gave me kind of a dirty look - my coworker and I laughed the whole way home about it. We were (at least I was) delirious at this point.

These fireplaces were so big that people would actually stand in them and have their picture taken

It felt so good to get home to my favorite hooligans. 

Family portrait by Sawyer

I found a bunch of Sawyer's cozy jammies from when he was a baby (he wore theses when he was like 7/8 months old) and they fit Blair perfectly. She has been rocking the boy jammies lately : )

We did a little Thanksgiving craft today

Shark in a basket, definitely a regular occurrence around here

She is a wild child

final product :) 

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