Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dinner Dates

I love my little dinner dates. Mike often gets home on the late side so I end up eating with just these two a lot. Sometimes we can all sit down together, sometimes we eat sporadically (that happens mostly because Sawyer refuses to eat most kinds of food and ends up with something different from what Mike and I eat). I ordered pizza for us tonight so the kiddos and I got to sit down together. Poor Blair didn't get any pizza but she did like bopping to some music while eating her peaches and bananas :)

Sawyer only allowed me to take one picture of him

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sibling Love

I've been waiting for this for so long, but Sawyer and Blair finally play together! I mean, not all the time everyday, but there are moments where they sit side by side playing with their toys and interacting with each other. This thrills me! Sure she pulls his hair, and he tries to push her off, but for the most part they are so cute, and they really love each other. I think Sawyer is glad to have her around, and she lights up whenever he engages her.

Funny little Sawyer convo: I told him that he and I were going to see "Planes: Fire and Rescue" this weekend (we really need a mommy/Sawyer outing) and he said "What about Daddy?" I told him Daddy would stay home with Blair. He said ok, then paused and said "I think Blair will miss me." I'm sure he is right. 

Her face is hysterical

Someone has a hard time sharing (cough, Sawyer)

at least he gave her a hug

He thought Blair needed all of her toys one day

I'm pretty sure he just wanted to sit in this toy bin

she crawled over to him and once she got here he ran off into the other room, poor gal

Sometimes I have to remind him to be gentle, goes with the big brother territory

We love these kids!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend was a fun one! Sawyer was so excited for the long weekend and who could blame him? I was thrilled that the 4th was on a Friday because 3 day weekends are basically the best thing ever. Sawyer talked about fireworks all week! We hit up the grocery store on the 4th and while Sawyer and Mike were shopping I went next door to the dollar store and got some glow sticks and kid sized hula hoops. Our friends came over in the afternoon so Sawyer and Lucy got to swim for a bit before the water got a little too cold. After swimming (Blair loved watching them play) Sawyer and Lucy hula hooped, played basketball, and ran around having a grand ole time. Once it was dark enough for fireworks we went to the driveway and set them off. It was hilarious to see Sawyer and Lucy - every time something went off  there was a variation of "It's AMAZING!" or  "It's a MIRACLE!" Pretty funny stuff. Blair was even up for most of the fireworks, she has been a silly girl at bedtime lately so I guess this worked to our advantage! 

I loved her patriotic outfit

I thought the full set up looked fun for everyone (saucer for Blair, water table - pool - tball - basketball for the bigger kids, lounge chairs for the moms)

a healthy snack before his friend arrived ;)

Probably my favorite moment of the day

They couldn't wait for glow stick time, and also kind of funny, but Sawyer splashed Lucy's dress so she changed into some of Blair's jammies. Yes, same size (to be fair, they were big on Blair)

Blair happy to be awake at 10pm! I look like a wreck!

The next day Mike went on all day fishing trip. Sawyer has been asking for a Boomerang for at least a month now so we went to Toys R us to find one, but they didn't have any. I ended up getting him a glider plane and after Blair napped we went to the park so he could try it out. I don't know why it took me so long to do this but I brought a big blanket to lay out and some snacks and toys. I played music from my phone and we had the best time.

I discovered Blair loves peaches!

I can't get over how pretty she is

Sawyer was annoyed that all I brought was fruit and grumpily ate a banana

So handsome. He was really well behaved for me so we got some ice cream after we left the park.

I attempted some self timer pictures, they did not turn out well. haha!

a girl and her snacks

We had so much fun on Saturday that on Sunday we went back with Daddy, this time with Sawyer's bike and a frisbee

showing off his muscles

Daddy is a fun jungle gym too

Mommy is also a jungle gym favorite

Blair is so proud of her new skill of pulling up. I love her big smiles!

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