Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kauai 2016

Back in March the whole gang met up in Kauai! Us Huffords, Mike's parents, and my parents. It was the trip of a lifetime and it was a vacation that we all needed!

I had the kids in swimming lessons in January and February so they were familiar with the water and Sawyer was a little fish! We had the best room on the ground floor - it opened up right to the kids pool! It was seriously perfect to be just a few yards away from our patio to the pool (and bar and lounge chairs ;) )

Blair had a hard time on the long flight and we were so grateful when Grandma and Grandpa Hufford met us at the airport (they arrived a few hours before us) and brought the kids back to the hotel while Mike and I rented our car and checked in at the hotel. We all went out for dinner and then went back to our rooms to pass out.

Day 2 we went to Poipu beach, Sawyer snorkeled for the first time, we played in the pool, and Mike and I got to go to dinner just the two of us while the kids hung back with Grandma and Grandpa.

Day 3 Mike and I went on a zipline adventure (scary and awesome) and then my parents arrived (they were on the Big Island for a few days) and we all hung out at the pool and then went to dinner at the hotel.

Day 4 the guys went Deep Sea Fishing and the gals and kids went shopping and hung out at the pool. Not bad if you ask me! My mom and I went to dinner just the two of us and the rest of the gang BBQ'd Ahi at the hotel.

Day 5 Mike and I took the kids to Lydgate Beach because it had a good protective snorkeling area for Sawyer (which was pretty fun for Mike and I too) and Blair built some sandcastles on the beach. After that Mike's parents went on a dinner cruise and my mom and I had a spa afternoon (massages on the beach and facials) while Mike and my dad watched the kids. I think this was the highlight for me ;) We went to Dukes for dinner and the Margarita's were quite delicious :)

Day 6 we went to the North Shore of the island and the seas were pretty rough. I remember that Blair had kind of a rough day (well she was actually really clingy to me this whole entire trip) and Mike and I had to take turns holding her at lunch in Hanalei. After that the guys went to a lighthouse and the moms and kids went back to the hotel for more pool fun.

Day 7 we went to Lawai Beach and the snorkeling was so amazing! Sawyer had a ball and Blair had some meltdowns. Pretty typical! For dinner Mike, my parents, and I went to Gaylords for a fancy dinner and once again Grandma and Grandpa Hufford snuggled in and watched the kids and relaxed.

Day 8 was a "power shopping/spend as much time at the pool/beach as possible" day. Mike and I got some nice art for our home and we all spent time at the pool wishing we had more time! My mom and I went to dukes to order some take out for dinner and she got bit by a scorpian! I was so horrified i couldn't even come to her aid. The manager said that in his whole time working there (15 years) that has never happened to anyone. Lucky you, Mom!

The worst part about going to Hawaii is leaving Hawaii. I may have shed a tear as we lifted off. Could have been two tears.

Shuttle bus! Sawyer was thrilled about this!

Kauai Marriott!

We were so thankful to see this site after Blair's craziness ;)

Poipu Beach

The most fun the on the ziplines with Kauai Back Country Adventures

Blair made a cute little friend

Sawyer got a new "solar" shirt that he had to put on right away!

Lydgate Beach

North side of the island

Lawai Beach

she was touched by the water.

Sad! My only regret is that we didn't get a group photo! Next time!

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