Saturday, May 25, 2013

18 weeks!

I am almost halfway there! I can't believe I am already 18 weeks, but it also seems like I've been pregnant for SO LONG. We find out the gender in 2 weeks and I cannot wait! Also, I'm huge, but I haven't gained any weight which is nice, but that is due to the awful morning sickness I had until I was about 13/14 weeks or so. It seems like this baby really punched out this week, I was thinking all along that I seemed to be looking the same these last few weeks, but comparing this to my 14 week picture there is a difference for sure! I also realize I am wearing pretty much the same thing as my last bump picture on here, but you know, oh well ;)

Picture Catch Up and a Big Milestone

Last weekend was a big milestone for Sawyer, his crib was converted into a toddler bed! I know lots of 3 year olds have been in toddler beds or regular beds for quite sometime, but aside from a few random occurrences, Sawyer never climbed out of his crib. He was happy to go in there and didn't try to escape. That changed. Sawyer went to bed and Mike and I were talking two Mondays ago about how we should convert him to a toddler bed so that the transition to the regular bed would be easier. We are going to be moving him to another room with a regular bed so that we can use his current room as the baby room. We agreed to try it that weekend. I said "its such a shame though because he does so well in his crib, but I suppose it is time." I went to take a shower and I guess while I was doing that, Sawyer walked out of his room. What timing!

We still held off until the Friday to make the conversion. Sawyer and I were out to dinner with friends and Mike converted it, we came home and Sawyer was seriously thrilled. The whole weekend he was taking about it and saying "This is a COOL bed!" He has slept so great in it, he doesn't come out of his room a billion times, we hear him playing a bit some nights, but eventually he lays in his bed and dozes off. It is so nice! Here's hoping for an easy transition to the regular bed sometime this summer!

Nothing like a little drink and some ipad time

 We went to hang out at Lucy's house, how cute is she?

I love this little violin

jumping off the side was a big hit

I love him helping dad, and also wearing his snow boots.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Playtime with Lucy

About a month ago we met our friends at a indoor play area. It was a pretty cool set up, lots of little themed areas, a "home" area with a kitchen and baby doll stuff, a grocery store area, camping area, vet area, etc. There was also a huge bouncy house with a slide. Sawyer and Lucy had the best time running wild, us parents did our best to keep up!

I love this picture, them in the kitchen "making food." It's like a flash forward.

 After playing we went to lunch. And after that, this happened and it was so dang cute.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We Love Spring!

It seems like it took kind of awhile for Spring to get here, but since the weather has gotten nice we have been loving playing outside! Last weekend we picked up some food and took Sawyer to the school by our house so he could ride his bike and scooter. It was so hot, but really nice to be outside getting some Vitamin D (Sawyer slathered in sunscreen of course).

Fun fact, he got these shorts for his first birthday and he can still wear them, I love them!

 I used to LOVE these rings in elementary school, I'm too old and out of shape to play on them now though ;)
I call this "he should be retired and living in Florida"

He used to hate all super cold things, but I thought he might like a popsicle on this hot day, at first he said "I don't 'yike' it" but then decided he did.

We stopped by Toys R Us to check out new strollers for the baby and decided to get a t-ball set for Sawyer, it was a hit. 

still love the Mater bubble blower!

I think this is one of my most favorite recent pictures of him, how cute is he?

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