Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zoo Day

On Saturday we were trying to think of something fun to do and Mike and I threw out a few ideas: outlet shopping (that quickly got vetoed by Mike), the Newport Aquarium, or the zoo. We decided on the zoo! It was a sunny day and I thought we would have fun and enjoy some fresh winter air. Sawyer said he didn't want to go but I told him that I was pretty sure they had fish and he quickly changed his tune. I have never seen a kid more obsessed with anything than Sawyer is with fish.

I've come to realize with two kids that it is kind of crazy trying to get out of the house in a reasonable amount of time so that was kind of stressful, but once we hit the road and I had a Diet Coke I felt much better ;)

It turns out we weren't the only ones who thought going to the zoo was a good idea - it was SUPER crowded! It really amazes me how rude some people can be! It was also kind of cold so it seemed like a lot of the animals were not out and there was a lot of construction. However, Sawyer had SO MUCH FUN that it was totally worth it. At one point Mike was holding Blair and I was pushing Sawyer in the stroller and he looked up at me and said "Mommy, I like the zoo." Melted my heart. Blair was a good girl too, she just chilled. It was her first time sitting in her stroller like a big girl (she usually is in her car seat which is clicked into the stroller) and she seemed to like looking around and taking a snooze here and there. Sawyer fell asleep on the way home at like, 5:45, and we just put him straight to bed from the car. He slept the whole night, he was tired!

Blair is voguing

thrilled to have juice

I love how he crouched down to check things out

elk antlers, I thought they looked kind of cool

Asking where the fish were

"where are we?"

I loved them in these bright jackets, it was great for Sawyer because I could spot him quickly

Looking unkempt here but this documents that I was there

This was his favorite part, it made the whole trip just seeing how happy he was here.

Mike went to get us a snack and there were a bunch of kids running on the grass, I told Sawyer to go for it. He would run a big loop then come back to Blair and I to check in. He would then say he had to go runnin and take off. This was when I was most thankful for the orange jacket!

Sawyer and I were checking out the lion and this little guy was telling him what the lion does: "ROAR." It was pretty much the cutest thing.

I got the stroller board for Sawyer and we haven't gotten a chance to use it much yet. We brought it to the zoo and he didn't use it until the very end but I thought they looked so cute. He calls it his skateboard.

Friday, January 24, 2014

This Sweet Family

I'm usually not a mushy person but when it comes to my people I turn to mush. I love my little family more than I can even explain. Sawyer usually doesn't pay much attention to Blair and has been doing his own thing, but the other day we went to the doctors office and I swear I felt like my heart grew.

See? Mush. 

The appointment was for Blair and Sawyer was so sweet about her. He was asking to hold her, "helping" me hold her, and when the doctor came in he proudly said "this is my sister!" Blair pretty much hates check ups and while she was crying he was telling her it was ok. That made me realize just how excited I am for when she is old enough to really interact and play with him. Also, she totally loves him. Today she was sitting in my lap, I was pretending to sleep, and he was "waking me up." She was smiling at him and watching his every move. She loves to observe her brother, I can't wait watch their friendship grow.

Sawyer makes me laugh all the time. He is the funniest boy I know. The other day he was saying something in the car and for the life of me I couldn't understand him. I asked him to repeat what he was saying about 5 times and still had no idea. He finally said "Mommy! You gotta listen to me!"  He also loves to point out "S's" wherever we go.  During the week we drove by Macy's and he said "Mommy there's an S for Sawyer! That's my work." I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!

And Blair. Oh that Blair. She is a hoot. I say that often but she really is. She is the noodliest and snuggliest baby. Her funny little faces and just the way she looks around make me laugh. And....she sleeps! Ever since the week of Christmas she typically sleeps a 6-8 hour stretch at night! There are a few random days where she will wake up before that amount of time but most days during this last month has been good for her (and me) in the sleep department. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying this! She has adapted really well to daycare and has put herself on a schedule these last two weeks since I've been back at work.

I don't know how Mike and I got so lucky with these kids but we couldn't be more grateful. And these kids have a pretty great dad too. :)

My dad took these in our backyard the day after Thanksgiving, I love how they turned out.

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