Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last week of maternity leave

It is crazy how fast 12.5 weeks goes! While it seems like my maternity leave went quickly, I really feel like I got some good solid quality time with the kiddos. I spent most of those 12 weeks snuggling Blair and chatting with Sawyer. The last week of my leave was no exception! I really cherished my time at home with these little ones and wanted to try my best to document it my last week of leave.

I finally got some good smile pictures the Sunday of that week!


Blair now sleeps in her own bed (in our room) but in the morning I would bring her into our bed to feed her. I thought this was a cute sight:

Blair is getting so much better about tolerating new things, like her playmat!

Sawyer was practicing his planking

He is very particular when I try to take his picture these days so lots of them end up like this

I love this girl!

And I love this guy! Mike saw this picture and said "is he 15?!"

One day when Sawyer was at daycare, Blair and I went to visit my friend who had her baby in December. Blair and her daughter are about two months apart. I love the comparison here!

This outfit was getting small for Blair but I really wanted this picture with these shirts so I crammed her in it for a few minutes. She didn't seem to mind!


Her favorite place is on her changing table, there is a felt flower garland hung on the wall above it and she is obsessed with it. She will kick and coo at it for as long as I let her.

Bottles were a struggle for her at first, here she is pouting and not looking at me because I tried to give her one

Mike and Blair rooting for the TrailBlazers

Blair dressed up in her tutu for our last mom/baby group. She is so cute.

She can now sit in her Bumbo! Her head control is improving daily!

I love him and his crazy long eyelashes

Now I am back and work and we are all adjusting to our new routines! More updates soon!

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