Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yard Work Helper

Grandpa and Grandma Hufford came to visit this weekend and brought our little guy a gift, yard tools! He is so into them, the red shovel especially. Mike was working on a landscaping/bark project with his dad yesterday and as soon as Sawyer got up from his nap I took him down to the yard and let him go to town. He knew right away how to use the shovel and just had an awesome time moving bark around. It was so cute to see him have so much fun. Such a joy to be his mama, or "Ma" as he calls me.

A natural

"hmm what next"

"This bark goes here"

"Yay, a rake too!"

"too heavy"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Missing the little buddy

I'm sure most people can relate, but I very much dislike going to the dentist. I would much rather be spending my free time with this little guy! I miss him during the day! But his little pictures help me get through the day, whether at work or at the dentist (where I am as I write this.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

While Dad Was Away....

Sawyer and Mommy played! The two of us had a lot of good quality time playing and hanging out. He was such a good boy. There were, of course, a few minor meltdowns, but I am just chalking that up to him being a 2 year old. Nothing that lasted too long. Overall, we had a nice time just the two of us, and our four pets, haha.

On Tuesday we went to Toys R Us to get this giant toy car/ramp contraption. He threw a huge fit while we were there because he wanted to play with it RIGHT.THEN.AND.THERE so that was a little embarrassing, but he calmed down in the car and was really really happy when I had it all put together. He loves it.

He also played with his stacking block train and looked cute while doing so.

Pierre supervised

On Wednesday we did some laughing, and played with Puki

On Thursday I cleaned out our coat closet (I did a lot of cleaning and organizing last week) and he promptly plopped down on a suitcase and played with a ring box.

snacked on some freeze dried apples

Played with his "yigh" (light) in the hallway and then had a little cry. I don't even remember why he cried, but I do remember that he was really, really tired that day, so I'm sure the minor meltdown had to do with his sleepiness.

Friday he was obsessed with this orange all day (and still is two days later) see this 365 post for the background on that. haha

On Saturday I made some cinnamon rolls as a treat for breakfast. He LOVED them.

While I was making his lunch the poor guy was scratched by Jacques. I didn't see it happen, but I did see Sawyer was following Jacques around laughing, so I am assuming Sawyer wasn't 100% innocent.

Doesn't Jacques look guilty though?

Sorry for the boring recap, we aren't all the exciting, but I love looking back at the cute little memories. Sawyer and Mommy were happy to have Daddy back. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Missing the Husband

I feel lame for even writing this post, because it's only been since Tuesday, but I seriously miss Mike. Don't get me wrong, my little buddy Sawyer, our two cats and our two dogs are keeping me company, but I like it much better when my whole family is here. Only two more nights to go (tonight included), so not too much longer. I am happy for him though, in addition to his work stuff he is getting to explore Rocky Mountain National Park (I think that is what it's called) and hiking/backpacking is what he truly enjoys. Still though, hurry up Saturday!!

I was looking through some old pictures, boy were we so much younger looking than we are now! I think becoming parents has aged us. ;)

Honeymoon in Maui, Aug 2007

 Melinda and Jonathan's wedding, Sept 2007

Goofing off in photobooth, I think Dec/Jan 2007/2008 (I want to say it was New Years Eve)

One Year Anniversary in Kona, Aug 2008 ( miss my tan, hopefully I will get it back next month)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smiling After Bedtime

Sawyers day is pretty routine, and bedtime is no exception. He knows that after bath, jammies, milk, and teeth brushing that it's night-night time. If I don't get him into his room right away he looks at me and says "Night night?" kind of like "hello mom! put me to bed!" It is pretty cute. After he is in bed, most nights I walk around picking up toys, shoes, books, etc and putting them away. I always love seeing the little things around the house that he played with that day, or things that remind me of him that are unique to just my Sawyer. Basically I walk around smiling like a fool, but I can't help it. I just love that little baby, who isn't a baby really, but he is to me.

I sneak a picture of him almost every night. These cheeks are so awesome.

My smiling reminders:

His mini-dyson laying around, he vacuumed alongside me this evening.

His cute little shoes all lined up on the shelf. He is a shoe addict.

A stray sippy

His favorite chair. I love the smiling whale.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mountain Dude (and dogs)

Mike took Sawyer and the dogs out for a hike yesterday morning. Aside from a few hiccups (Bugaboo got sick in the car, she gets overexcited sometimes, and then Bugaboo rolled in "something gross" once they got to the start of their hike) everyone had a great time. The dogs got some much needed exercise, Mike got to enjoy a hike, and Sawyer got to spend some quality time with his dad, and learn to love the outdoors. Soon I bet Sawyer will be able to hike alongside Mike instead of being in the pack.

And what did Mommy do? Well, I had grand plans on cleaning the house and organizing some cabinets, however I pretty much slept the whole time they were gone. It ended up being a good thing because Sawyer fell asleep in the car on the way home and refused to nap once we put him in his crib, so I needed all the energy I could get to keep him entertained for the rest of the day. We had a lot of fun just hanging out playing with our toys, and eating some freshly made muffins!

A little snack break

Puki photobomb

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