Friday, April 6, 2012

Sawyer Jude is 2!

Yesterday my little Sawyer boo turned 2! He seemed to have just a really great day :) We (Sawyer, Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma) went to the Portland Children Museum, then came home and relaxed, opened gifts, had pizza, had cupcakes, and then it was time for bed!

First up, we woke up to a bunch of balloons! He loved it!

Pancakes for breakfast, made by Grandma!

Dressed up and handsome for his big day !

First time forward facing in his carseat! He was scared at first, didn't want to go in and cried. But soon he was comfortable and I think he liked being able to see Mommy.

Finally made it to the museum!

He loved going down the slide, he must have gone down it about 100 times. And anytime there was a kid climbing up before him he would get mad and yell "NO NO!" He still needs to learn how to take turns. 

Looking at Grandma through the porthole

He loved this little construction/building room.

Lunch time with a little Bubble Guppies so he would sit still in his chair.

After lunch we went to the Twilight Trail exibit. I think he liked this area the best.

Light table was a hit.

Giant Light Bright. He really loved this. It was a popular exibit, we had to run there when we saw an opening!

At little treehouse room

Water play area. He wasn't as into it as I thought he would be, I think because he was super tired.

Sleepy Buddy

More Balloon fun when we got home


Time for Pizza!

 Cupcakes made by mommy

Night Night after a long day. We love you Sawyer!

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  1. LOVE! This looks like the perfect day. I love the "Ta-daaaa!" picture with the cupcake. You guys are the cutest family! That children's museum looks awesome.


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