Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"I'm Right Here!"

First Trip to Cabelas and a Lazy Sunday

Last Saturday Mike realized he needed some new Waders for fishing so we piled in the car and headed to Cabelas. Neither of us had ever been there before despite it being only an hour or so away for the last couple years. Not really my kind of place to shop, but I knew that Sawyer would get a kick out of seeing the "stuffed animals" (if you know what I mean). I will admit, there were a lot of interesting things to look at, but it was really crowded and Sawyer is in a phase where he likes to go off wherever he wants and not listen. Lets just say I had to apologize to what felt like every single person because he ran in front of them or ran into them. That is a 2 year old for ya! But he had fun and no one seemed to mind :)

Making sure I was going too. "YOU COMING MOMMY?"

It was a really cold day, it was about 2pm and there was still ice on our tree

He spotted a little bench and made a beeline for it

 We found this big crate full of giant fish and reptile pillows. I kind of think he needs the shark one for his birthday, as obnoxious as it is.

Checking out the bear

He was really interested in this tackle box for some reason. Mike ended up getting him a CARS fishing rod. It is pretty cute


Happy to watch a little Bubble Guppies on the way home

I had fun goofing around with my camera

Sunday Mike and his friend went fishing and left really early. Sawyer and I had a cozy and lazy day. Most of it was spent lounging, watching movies, and playing with his cars and other toys.

Learning to blow kisses

Tackling Pierre

 We listened to kidsbop on Pandora, he loves looking at the album pictures that show up

Potroast and veggies to warm us up on this cold day

and finally these two are reunited :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Cold Day At The Park

I'm so glad we got Sawyer this super warm jacket, it comes in handy when its 31 degrees outside and he is in desperate need to run off some steam! Last weekend we all bundled up and went to the park, it was SO cold, but Sawyer didn't seem to mind! I felt like a bad mommy because I thought his mittens were in my car, but unfortunately they were home. :( But we showed him how to put his hands in his pockets so periodically he would do that to warm them up! I'm glad we went though, even without mittens. He really had fun and I enjoyed snapping pics with my new camera.

He was looking sad because it was taking me awhile to get our stuff together

These two are such buddies

I wish this was in focus! I love it so much.

Hands in pockets, this picture cracks me up

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things I Want To Remember: Volume 3

I need to do this more often, I never want to forget his funny little sayings!

-The other night Sawyer woke up out of the blue at about 3:15 am and would not go back to sleep. After lots of bargaining and offering a million things we decided to bring him to our bed. When he got into our bed he said "Mommy, the shark is sleeping. Daddy, the shark is sleeping." ummm....ok!? I said "ok, the shark is sleeping." Then he noticed my alarm clock and said "whas that?" "Its my alarm clock"...silence. Then "its a triangle!" He said that a few times and I said "Yes, a triangle. It is night night time." By then it is about 4:15am. Some more silence and I figure he has gone to sleep. Then I hear "It's not triangle!" It was so funny and made me laugh. I just love him, even when waking up and being a handful in the middle of the night.
-I was putting laundry away and had the the KidzBop station on Pandora playing and that song "I like to move it move it" came on and he was groovin. There was a lull in the song where there are no words and he said "Oh no! more Moooove it!" haha!
-He says "Skasball Hoot" for Basketball Hoop, then for some reason the other day called it Skasball Poot and poot happens to be what he know...
-We went to Target today and as we were driving away he said "I yove Tahget." Music to my ears!
-He still love Bubble Guppies. He got "Bubble Puppy" for Christmas and a few weeks ago he was watching an episode while holding it and said "Gubble Puppy! I have a one too!!"
-When he is holding a toy and I jokingly ask him if I can have it he will say "It's my have it!"
I'm sure there are a million more....I really need to step it up on these posts!

A few pictures from this week

He loves dried Mangos!

New Valetines Day Cup, I'm a sucker for a themed cup!

now using a little pillow! 

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