Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things I Want To Remember: Volume 3

I need to do this more often, I never want to forget his funny little sayings!

-The other night Sawyer woke up out of the blue at about 3:15 am and would not go back to sleep. After lots of bargaining and offering a million things we decided to bring him to our bed. When he got into our bed he said "Mommy, the shark is sleeping. Daddy, the shark is sleeping." ummm....ok!? I said "ok, the shark is sleeping." Then he noticed my alarm clock and said "whas that?" "Its my alarm clock"...silence. Then "its a triangle!" He said that a few times and I said "Yes, a triangle. It is night night time." By then it is about 4:15am. Some more silence and I figure he has gone to sleep. Then I hear "It's not triangle!" It was so funny and made me laugh. I just love him, even when waking up and being a handful in the middle of the night.
-I was putting laundry away and had the the KidzBop station on Pandora playing and that song "I like to move it move it" came on and he was groovin. There was a lull in the song where there are no words and he said "Oh no! more Moooove it!" haha!
-He says "Skasball Hoot" for Basketball Hoop, then for some reason the other day called it Skasball Poot and poot happens to be what he know...
-We went to Target today and as we were driving away he said "I yove Tahget." Music to my ears!
-He still love Bubble Guppies. He got "Bubble Puppy" for Christmas and a few weeks ago he was watching an episode while holding it and said "Gubble Puppy! I have a one too!!"
-When he is holding a toy and I jokingly ask him if I can have it he will say "It's my have it!"
I'm sure there are a million more....I really need to step it up on these posts!

A few pictures from this week

He loves dried Mangos!

New Valetines Day Cup, I'm a sucker for a themed cup!

now using a little pillow! 

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  1. OMG! He is just so handsome and grown up looking with that hair cut! Love all the pictures and his funnies!


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