Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blair Victoria is 1!

Well this has gone by quickly! How has it been one year since our baby girl came into the world? She is a wonderful and sweet girl who is loved SO MUCH by her family. I love the bond she has with Sawyer, too. On the day before her birthday he had a school field trip where siblings were not allowed so we dropped her off at daycare before we went to school and about 2 minutes after we dropped her off he said "I miss Blair." I did too :)

Our little Blair is the funniest and CUTEST girl on earth - she loves life, loves her family, and loves smiling and playing. I would say she has been on the high maintenance end of things but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have learned just how much can be done with a baby on your hip ;)

I had the day off for her birthday and we started off by letting her open a couple presents and playing with her new little farm house. Sawyer helped her open her gifts, then we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. She devoured hers and I'm sure would have had at least one more.

of course she loved the wrapping paper the best

She was tired after all the excitement so she took a little snooze. After she woke up we went to the park because she loves swings.

caught her eating some bark....sigh

My parents arrived that afternoon and we got pizza for dinner (a Blair favorite). Unfortunately Mike was working late so we did cake without him but waited for him to do the rest of her presents.

The final monthly picture! (so thankful, these got harder as she got older)

being adorable at dinner

Sawyer and I went to Target the day before her birthday and got presents, decorations, and cake ingredients. We thought she would like a purple cake with a pink candle. I was happy to serve it on my favorite tacky cake plate ;) 

Sawyer was excited, he volunteered to blow out the candle

I thought she would tear into it - she was kind of timid, tried it, and was done.

Time for presents! Sawyer was her present opener but she did some paper tearing 

We had a small party on Saturday - my mom and I made a tassel garland (I now know why people buy these things)
Mike's mom made these awesome cookies! They were a hit!

I ran out of time trying to plan/make the hot air balloon, this is the best we could come up with!

I am in love with her dress

Sawyer was a great helper

Her reaction to the baby dolls she got were priceless and my favorite part of the party

Who was more excited?

We had fun celebrating our amazing girl!

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