Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pumpkin Patch - the best day of the year!

I look forward to this day every year. I can't really explain it - but I love our yearly pumpkin patch visits. Sawyer loves them too. Last year we went 3 days before Blair was born, and then 5 days after just so I could get pictures of her (and Sawyer with her) with pumpkins. It is a weird obsession : )

This year was our 2nd year going to EZ Orchards - they have a fall festival with face painting, games, a hay ride, etc. Sawyer went the day before with his daycare (and we have a school field trip coming up too to a different patch - remember: a weird obsession) but they missed the hay ride so he was excited to go on it with us. He loves the little ride on tractors too so we made a pit stop there. Blair seemed to like the whole experience and even put up with her shoes for awhile so she could walk around and do some booty dancing with a pumpkin.

She loves her dada, or as she sometimes affectionately calls him "dodo"


Picture cooperation isn't her strong suit

of course bribing her with food seemed to help

is it too much to ask for that they both look at the camera? ;)

I had to have this picture taken - I have one last year of me holding Sawyer when Blair was still in my belly, we've come a long way!

last year 3 days before Blair was born

for reference - last year when Blair was 5 days old and this year when we went she was 5 days from turning 1

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