Monday, March 30, 2015

More Playing at Home and More Adventuring

After I returned home from California things have been low key which is really nice. Lots of playing at home, and last weekend I took the kids to the park one day and the next day we all went on a family hike. Nothing too remarkable but I took some cute pictures so here they are!

Mike got Sawyer his very own "cariboot" Also, one day on the drive home Sawyer told me "Mom, sometimes you make me upset, but sometimes I really love you." Isn't he sweet ;)

This little mischievous gal can say Sawyer, shoes, socks, cracker, baba, cheese, and a few others that escape me right now, but one of the cutest is when we ask her what the owl says she replies "hoo hoo."

She is obsessed with Sawyer's flip flops

She is also obsessed with her little minnie mouse purse, and likes to hold lots of little treasures in it, including her phone

 "Oh Sawyer, I'll take your scooter for you"

We saw a little friend on the trail

They were super into the flowers, Blair even ate one!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Goodbye Grandpa

This is really emotional for me, but I wanted to do a short and sweet post about my Grandpa Daniel. He passed away earlier this month and it hit me hard. He was my last surviving grandparent and he was wonderful. I have nothing but fond memories of him. I was able to go down to the funeral and I am so thankful I could say my last goodbye, as well as meet a lot of family members I hadn't met before. He had a wonderful turnout at his funeral and we all remembered him fondly. He will be missed.

Monday, March 16, 2015

More of March - Sickies, Vitamin D, playing at home

My last post talked about Blair and how she was sick - the next day she wasn't much better and her breathing was terrible so we went back to the doc and got a steroid which really helped her. The next (a Saturday) day I planned on taking Sawyer to a birthday party and before that we went to lunch (Grandma was in town.) While at lunch he announced he was cold and then his face was pale. I felt his head and he was burning up! He had a fever. :( Poor buddy.

The day before Sawyer got his fever he wanted to draw a picture of his favorite Paw Patrol pup to put in one of those "fings" in his room (I guess a fing was a picture frame). It was pretty much the cutest thing.

Two sick lovies

Blair McStuffins giving herself a check-up

The cutest little leggies

The next day everyone seemed to be feeling better and I thought the best medicine was Vitamin D, but Sawyer fever came back that evening :(  In fact, I was worried about the time change but both kids were asleep in bed by 7:40 which is basically a miracle in this house.

I love how Blair was trying her hardest to be in the mix

Blair doing her favorite thing - stacking blocks. She is pretty good! 

It is tough to get a good picture of him! 

Blair loves Sawyer's toys, but she REALLY loves her girly toys - especially her tea set and picnic basket

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