Monday, March 16, 2015

More of March - Sickies, Vitamin D, playing at home

My last post talked about Blair and how she was sick - the next day she wasn't much better and her breathing was terrible so we went back to the doc and got a steroid which really helped her. The next (a Saturday) day I planned on taking Sawyer to a birthday party and before that we went to lunch (Grandma was in town.) While at lunch he announced he was cold and then his face was pale. I felt his head and he was burning up! He had a fever. :( Poor buddy.

The day before Sawyer got his fever he wanted to draw a picture of his favorite Paw Patrol pup to put in one of those "fings" in his room (I guess a fing was a picture frame). It was pretty much the cutest thing.

Two sick lovies

Blair McStuffins giving herself a check-up

The cutest little leggies

The next day everyone seemed to be feeling better and I thought the best medicine was Vitamin D, but Sawyer fever came back that evening :(  In fact, I was worried about the time change but both kids were asleep in bed by 7:40 which is basically a miracle in this house.

I love how Blair was trying her hardest to be in the mix

Blair doing her favorite thing - stacking blocks. She is pretty good! 

It is tough to get a good picture of him! 

Blair loves Sawyer's toys, but she REALLY loves her girly toys - especially her tea set and picnic basket

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