Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wait and See....

This morning I got up like usual and almost immediately felt off. Cramping and such. I called the on call doctor about 6am and he called back at 6:30. I told him what was going on and he wanted me I come into the hospital and get checked. Eeeks! I quickly got dressed and thank goodness mikes mom was staying with us while sawyer recovered from his tummy bug so Mike and I were able to let him sleep while we headed to  the birth center. I was thinking this can't be it,  I'm only 35 weeks and 2 days!

After checking in and all that I was strapped to some monitors, and sure enough contractions were going on as I suspected. There was a shift change and the new on call doc came to check me and I was 3 cm and contractions were about 3 minutes apart. I asked the doc what the chances were that this baby would be coming today and she said it was a fair chance. The close contractions lasted for a few hours and were pretty painful.

At the next check I was 4cm.  The OR nurse even came in to introduce herself and talk to me about what would happen if they admitted me today.I started panicking in my head.  I'm not prepared!!!! After awhile the contractions slowed down to about 6-7 min apart and instead of checking me again to possibly aggravate things they wanted to send me home. That was actually fine by me! That bed was uncomfortable! We got home around 1pm and I've had contractions on and off but nothing too bad. Now we wait and see! Ahhhh!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Backyard Smores and a Sicky

Last Friday as a fun treat we made smores in the backyard. I honestly have no idea why we never have done this before, but it was fun and they were delicious! Since we never got to make them on our camping trip I think Sawyer was happy to finally get what he was promised last month! :)

Last weekend Sawyer also came down with a tummy bug. It is really sad and awful and I dont think he has ever been so sick! (no I dont think its related to the smores since I didn't get sick from them!) He hasn't been to daycare all week and seems so sad and weak. We almost had to go to the ER tonight because he was borderline dehydrated but we got some fluids in him and he perked up a bit. I hope it goes away soon! I want my happy energetic boy back!

 A few days ago we had some playtime moments (below), but mostly he's just been lazing around on the couch and resting (above). Lots of ipad time and lounging with cartoons. 

Grandma has been here this week to help care for him on the days where I can't take off from work. She also brought him a new jacket, its meant for next winter but we tried it on anyway and I think he was feeling pretty cool.

Lets hope our guy feels better soon!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sawyer's Room

Sawyer got a brand new room this summer! We had been using this room as a guest room/junk room/office and it was kind of one of those rooms that we just closed the door and ignored when not in use. Oops! Don't tell me we are the only people who have (now had) one of those! The reason for the overhaul was his room he had before is the perfect size for a nursery, and this room is a bit bigger we could start fresh with a new "theme."

I saw this duvet on the Pottery Barn Kids website and knew it was perfect for him. I showed it to him on my laptop and asked him if he liked it, he said "I do! I love sharks!" That sealed the deal for me and I ordered that and the personalized shark sign. I was so excited for it all to come and to get his room all Sharkified, a few days later the duvet came and I opened it and showed it to him. The first thing he said was "I don't want THIS!" I swear, 3 year olds. goodness! Anyway, I told him "you will learn to like it!" Now he does! Thank goodness!

The poster is a picture of Mike when he was about 5. Sawyer thinks its pretty neat!

Labor Day Weekend and Beyond

This year we went into labor day weekend with no real plans. It was pretty nice! I mean, we did stuff, but nothing too crazy. Saturday we played outside, played inside, and then went to our friends house. Sawyer always loves to play with his buddy Lucy, they fight like brother and sister and it is just hilarious. Lucy turned two in August and she and Sawyer got to take advantage of one of her birthday presents, a "Jumpolene," which is this inflatable thing that looks like a pool with some plastic balls inside. Needless to say, they loved it. We had homemade pizza and Tillamook ice cream for dinner/dessert, and needless to say, I loved it. ;)

On Sunday we got a new stroller for the little missy and hit up the outlet mall for their Labor Day sales. Sunday was one of my favorite nights of the weekend, it was nice to hang out with Mike and stay up way too late watching tv (Breaking Bad for the serious portion of the evening, then Dog and Beth for some laughs). Monday we picked up lunch at what has been our favorite place lately, Pita Pit. It reminds me of college since they have one in Corvallis. We had many a late night pita in that town! After lunch we took Sawyer to see Planes. He loved the it, but after 20 minutes into the movie he was pretty restless and spent the remainder of the time sitting and rolling on the stairs. I blame the 30 minutes of previews before the movie started, he sat perfectly still in his seat for those dang previews. It was such a nice long weekend, just what we needed as a family.

 Watching a Friday Night Movie, funny wait to sit in a chair

Sawyer was out past his bedtime

Before our Sunday outing I wanted to make sure our infant carseat was still in good shape, Sawyer seemed to think so

Lounging that evening after a game of Hungry Hippos
Sometimes as a weekend treat we let him fall asleep in our bed


A few more recent pictures from the last week:

I'm so thankful we have our ipad, its a necessity at my doc appointments

Pierre being hilarious as usual

Last weekend we went to Brody's house, they had so much fun and played so nicely! Here they are modeling their backpacks. Brody has some cool poses!

Topping off the evening with a brownie for dessert.

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