Friday, September 20, 2013

Backyard Smores and a Sicky

Last Friday as a fun treat we made smores in the backyard. I honestly have no idea why we never have done this before, but it was fun and they were delicious! Since we never got to make them on our camping trip I think Sawyer was happy to finally get what he was promised last month! :)

Last weekend Sawyer also came down with a tummy bug. It is really sad and awful and I dont think he has ever been so sick! (no I dont think its related to the smores since I didn't get sick from them!) He hasn't been to daycare all week and seems so sad and weak. We almost had to go to the ER tonight because he was borderline dehydrated but we got some fluids in him and he perked up a bit. I hope it goes away soon! I want my happy energetic boy back!

 A few days ago we had some playtime moments (below), but mostly he's just been lazing around on the couch and resting (above). Lots of ipad time and lounging with cartoons. 

Grandma has been here this week to help care for him on the days where I can't take off from work. She also brought him a new jacket, its meant for next winter but we tried it on anyway and I think he was feeling pretty cool.

Lets hope our guy feels better soon!

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