Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's a Mom thing / Gratuitous Hair Shots

We planned on taking Sawyer to get his haircut on Saturday so I went into crazy mom mode and took a zillion pictures of him with his long hair, just so I can always remember. This was only his 4th haircut, but I do this every time! I know I'm not alone! Or am I?

I love this, chatting with Dad

The actual haircut was a nightmare. Sawyer was having some cranky spurts that day but I didn't want to reschedule so we just powered through, thus resulting in some crazy hair. Mike fixed it up today with some barber scissors we snapped up at Target and it looks way better.

I haven't gotten any great shots yet, I will try this week, but he looks so much older! It kind of makes me sad, but he is pretty darn cute with short hair. He has a MAJOR cowlick so we bought some kids hair taming spray, but it kind of dries all crazy and spiky on top, so it just may work without the spray. We shall see!

sideburns have since been fixed

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