Monday, April 9, 2012

Party Time! (Sawyer's 2nd Birthday Party)

Oh man Sawyers party was a great day! He had both sets of Grandparents here, and his little friends. The kids all played so nicely and aside from a few small "NO's" he shared his toys like a nice little 2 year old. We started out just hanging out in the house, playing, eating, watching the Little Mermaid since it was an "Under the Sea" themed party. After eating, he was begging to go outside and instead of coming back in to open his gifts, we all had to venture out on to the deck. He wasn't quite sure how to handle the opening of his gifts, so I basically opened everything and he was super excited about all the new trucks and cars he got. He is a total boy! The party was going on for hours and most people left before cake, which was totally fine since it was so late. He did LOVE his special poppyseed cake made for him by his Grandma Hufford, and happily chowed down while we all watched and cheered. He loves attention :) 

Some of my goofy Under the Sea decorations

Breaking Grandpa's glasses

His cool buddy Kaedyn

 Riding the dino

 House is scattered with toys, boys are sharing the trike

Sticker scenes. Delilah's looked really lovely.

 "Thanks for the help Rachel!"

My lovely friends, thanks so much for coming!

Outside for gifts!

 He got this awesome Megablocks truck

 And promptly sat on it. heehee

The ambulance was a big hit among all the boys

Time for singing and some cake. Soon after that was bedtime. Mommy and Daddy weren't too far behind. I love having his parties at our home, but I feel so tired for days afterwards. It is totally worth it though.

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