Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smiling After Bedtime

Sawyers day is pretty routine, and bedtime is no exception. He knows that after bath, jammies, milk, and teeth brushing that it's night-night time. If I don't get him into his room right away he looks at me and says "Night night?" kind of like "hello mom! put me to bed!" It is pretty cute. After he is in bed, most nights I walk around picking up toys, shoes, books, etc and putting them away. I always love seeing the little things around the house that he played with that day, or things that remind me of him that are unique to just my Sawyer. Basically I walk around smiling like a fool, but I can't help it. I just love that little baby, who isn't a baby really, but he is to me.

I sneak a picture of him almost every night. These cheeks are so awesome.

My smiling reminders:

His mini-dyson laying around, he vacuumed alongside me this evening.

His cute little shoes all lined up on the shelf. He is a shoe addict.

A stray sippy

His favorite chair. I love the smiling whale.

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