Thursday, April 19, 2012

Missing the Husband

I feel lame for even writing this post, because it's only been since Tuesday, but I seriously miss Mike. Don't get me wrong, my little buddy Sawyer, our two cats and our two dogs are keeping me company, but I like it much better when my whole family is here. Only two more nights to go (tonight included), so not too much longer. I am happy for him though, in addition to his work stuff he is getting to explore Rocky Mountain National Park (I think that is what it's called) and hiking/backpacking is what he truly enjoys. Still though, hurry up Saturday!!

I was looking through some old pictures, boy were we so much younger looking than we are now! I think becoming parents has aged us. ;)

Honeymoon in Maui, Aug 2007

 Melinda and Jonathan's wedding, Sept 2007

Goofing off in photobooth, I think Dec/Jan 2007/2008 (I want to say it was New Years Eve)

One Year Anniversary in Kona, Aug 2008 ( miss my tan, hopefully I will get it back next month)

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