Sunday, May 12, 2013

We Love Spring!

It seems like it took kind of awhile for Spring to get here, but since the weather has gotten nice we have been loving playing outside! Last weekend we picked up some food and took Sawyer to the school by our house so he could ride his bike and scooter. It was so hot, but really nice to be outside getting some Vitamin D (Sawyer slathered in sunscreen of course).

Fun fact, he got these shorts for his first birthday and he can still wear them, I love them!

 I used to LOVE these rings in elementary school, I'm too old and out of shape to play on them now though ;)
I call this "he should be retired and living in Florida"

He used to hate all super cold things, but I thought he might like a popsicle on this hot day, at first he said "I don't 'yike' it" but then decided he did.

We stopped by Toys R Us to check out new strollers for the baby and decided to get a t-ball set for Sawyer, it was a hit. 

still love the Mater bubble blower!

I think this is one of my most favorite recent pictures of him, how cute is he?

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