Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sawyer is a Trooper / Milestones for Blair

Sawyer has had kind of a rough time! Last week he fell at daycare and scraped up his nose a bit. It looked sort of bad, but not awful. The next day it scabbed over and looked terrible! Poor guy! It didn't seem to bother him much though.

We had a fun few days last weekend, we went out to lunch and to the Saturday market. That evening our friends came over so Sawyer got to play with his pal Lucy, and the next day he went fishing with Dad.

Sunday night he came into our bed in the middle of the night (he has been doing that a lot lately, I think its sweet and I don't mind at all) and he was wheezing quite a bit and breathing pretty heavily. He has asthma (although it typically isn't an issue) so he has an inhaler. We had him use that and it did seem to help, but didn't fully make the wheezing go away. I stayed home from work on Monday and took him to the doc - turns out along with the asthma (which he was probably having an asthma attack that night, poor guy) he has pneumonia! I couldn't believe it! :(  But with a newly prescribed nebulizer to make sure he is getting a good dose of the medicine (because who knows how much he really gets with his inhaler) and some antibiotics he is much better now. Grandma came to stay home with him an extra day to make sure he was good to go, and he loved having the one on one time with her. He does seem to like his "bachine" (machine-nebulizer) and is pretty good about sitting there while it goes. I'm glad he is feeling better, is it always sad to see him sick since he is such an active and fun kid!

In Blair news, she has some new skills, last week she started crawling and earlier this week she started pulling up on things! I looked over on Monday and she was standing against the couch grabbing for the remotes! Slow down Blair! You are growing too fast for me! She also seems to have some separation anxiety from me because in the last few weeks she has had some nights where she just doesn't want to go to bed and wants to lay on me. It is pretty sweet most of the time, but when it's 10pm and I've been trying to put her to bed since 7:30 I feel a little insane! I know she is only little once so I am trying my best to embrace the snuggles, and her cute little smile with her two bottom teeth are hard to resist smiling back at :)

the day is scabbed over

Sawyer was asking to go to Fred Meyer since they have these car carts that he and Blair can sit in, her face just kills me

First day of crawling! How great are her cheeks?

One of those days where she refuses to nap in the afternoons

Sawyer "reading" me his favorite book (he has it memorized)

Intense episode of Paw Patrol

On Sunday Mike sold his beloved truck! It needs some work done and the time to do it is just not available for him lately. People knock on the door or leave notes all the time asking if it is for sale. The guy who knocked on Sunday had a lucky day. This is the truck Mike had when we first met, there are a lot of memories here!

Grandma brought Sawyer this puzzle and they had fun putting it together, I love how proud he looks!

Little miss pulling up in her crib! 

Yesterday the kids had fun outside

Milestones set to music:

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