Monday, June 23, 2014

Funny Hair / Monday in the Garden

Yesterday while I was folding Sawyer's laundry he decided to sit in this laundry basket. I grabbed my camera and he started to shake his head to try to avoid showing his face in the picture (a typical thing for him) and we got some funny shots. We got a big kick out of them!

One of our zuchinis was ready for picking today, so the kids and I went outside to pick it and play a little bit. Mike has worked hard on our garden, we have some fun stuff growing so I snapped a few progress pics.

I love this gal

tomato peeking through!

Habanero Pepper

Blackberry vines snuck into our yard from our neighbors yard, I am not complaining! 

I love these snap peas

Sawyer and the "spuchini"

As Sawyer and I were walking back down the hill I had to snap a pic of this cutie

Mike went into Lowe's to get an electric hedge trimmer yesterday and came out with this rose. 

Sawyer likes to ride his bike on the deck and it scares me, I need to put his bike in the garage!

I wish this was in focus

Sawyer's little things crack me up, these are the fish from his Go Fishing game. 

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