Saturday, June 14, 2014

First half of June - I expected better of you!

The first half of June has been kind of nuts for us Huffords, Mike and I are exhausted. I hope the 2nd half is kinder to us. I feel like I shouldn't ever really complain because if I take a step back, we really do have it good, but sometimes those insane moments really get you!

At the end of May, my Sawyer boy was sick with a fever. On the night of Friday the 30th his temp was 104.5! I was so close to racing to the ER (I am an over-reactor if that wasn't clear by now) but after some ibuprofen his temp went down to a manageable and less scary 101/102. When he woke up the next morning he was good as gold. However poor Blair got sick that weekend. Her temp went up to 101.5 and she was the saddest and snuggliest little girl, I felt so bad for her. She just kind of moaned and laid me for a day and a half. It didn't last too long, so we are all thankful for that - it was just one of those viruses that go around from kid to kid.

Other crazy things that have happened this month - carpenter ants (we had a company come treat our house and decks,) my car broke down, and Blair had her first visit to the ER!

One of Mike's many skills is working on cars (he can fix anything, it is kind of awesome) and he worked hard to get my car back in working order. We are still in the transition phase from Mike's unemployment to working again so it kind of sucked seeing how much money went to take care of the ants, car parts, and a rental car.

Now to elaborate my crazy, I will preface by saying I read a horror article about dry/secondhand drowning a few weeks ago, so it was fresh in my mind. On Sunday the 8th I was giving Blair an early bath around 4pm or so, and she was being wiggly like normal but when I went to rinse her hair she jerked her head back and all the water poured down over her face. She was coughing and choking and crying. Not for very long, but it scared me and it scared her. She calmed down and easily took her little afternoon nap, but that dang article was nagging me. I called our pediatrician nurse line and one of the things the nurse said to watch out for (among other things) is if she is breathing about 60 breaths / minute. It should be about 40, but if it gets to 60 then she would need to go to the ER. It took me forever to try to get the most accurate breath count but she was basically breathing 15 breaths every 15 seconds each time I checked, so off we went. She was acting fine and not coughing or anything like that, but her heavy breathing was making me uneasy and I thought if something was wrong and I didn't go in I would never forgive myself. Long story short, she was fine, she charmed everyone, and there are some oddball people at the ER on Sunday evenings (we were there for 3 hours!).

Now even though I call Blair my high maintenance baby, she has always been a star sleeper (well, from 2 months old and on). I could put her in bed awake, and she would drift off most nights. It was pretty great and we felt spoiled. WELL, lasr weekend she popped her first tooth so she has been a crank (can't say I blame her, her little gums looked painful), and during this time she learned to go from laying down to a sitting position and is on the verge of crawling. With all those things, bedtime this week has been kind of insane. All she wants to do is practice her new skill of getting into that sitting position. The other day she was awake from 2:30 pm to 10:30 pm. SHE WAS SO TIRED and refused to nap and pretty much refused to go to bed at bedtime, but she just wouldn't stop rolling and sitting up. I felt like I was going crazy! I bet she did, too!

Sawyer has been pretty good for the most part, however today he had to be carried out of a grocery store throwing a giant crying fit because he wasn't listening to anything we said. It was so crazy.

Some funny things he has said to me lately:
-I was singing a silly song to Blair and he said "Mom, stop singing. You are hurtin my big ears!"
-I was giving him a goodnight kiss and he touched my face and said "Mommy! your face is big like mine!"
-He saw a young guy walking a dog one morning when I was dropping him and Blair off at daycare and the guy was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and he said "hey mom look, there's Spiderman." -pause and then in a confused tone- "Spiderman has a dog?" I was laughing so hard.

Anyway, June hasn't been our best month as of yet, but let's hope that things are less crazy in the 2nd half of the month!

Poor sick gal

Mike and Sawyer were fishing one morning and Blair and I slept in, when we woke up I saw this and it made me laugh. Oh, Sawyer!

My green thumb boy!

If you ever wonder why there are more pictures of Blair, it is because Sawyer does this.

But I will occasionally get a gem like this :) 

Sawyer drew a picture of Blair and I about cried

When Mike was working on my car Blair had a little snack, I was loving her toes on the table

After a frustrating day of working on the car we went out to dinner

 When we got home that night Mike plopped Blair in this basket

Sawyer wanted to join in on the fun

I think they are sick of me taking pictures

I came into the playroom the next day to find this

Blair couldn't believe her eyes

At the ER

Cute as ever

She has started to prefer sleeping on her tummy lately

 Sawyer was gracious enough to share his shark toy with her, she was so happy

See what I mean about the crankies?

his male model pose is killing me

Poor Sawyer's allergies have been so bad lately I was worried he had a sinus infection so we went to the doc yesterday. No sinus infection but we can up the dosage on his allergy meds. He seems so miserable some days, I hope it helps! See how we are all looking a little frazzled?

Today we went to the Saturday Market and to the outlet mall. I think we all needed to get out of the house.

Mike and I had a taste test for the peas we bought at the Saturday Market vs the ones we are growing in our garden. Ours are on the right and I like those the best :)

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