Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend (Haircuts, Fishing, and Real Food)

We went into Memorial Day weekend with no real plans and it was nice to just relax and have more family time. It was extra nice because Mike was just coming off his first week back at work so I think it helped us all ease the transition from his unemployment to working full time (which we are SO thankful for)!

On Saturday Mike and Sawyer went to get haircuts, it was Sawyer's first haircut in almost a year! It was time. I love his long hair but there is a point where it is just too long. We reached that point months ago, but Sawyer was adamant about NO HAIRCUTS and insisted he loved his long hair. I don't recall exactly what made him change his mind, I'm sure it was some random bribe like chocolate milk but he finally agreed. I trusted Mike with the task and apparently Sawyer charmed the whole salon. I wish I could have seen it! He came home with a lollipop and told me all about it. I could have cried at his cuteness.

I took a picture the night before with his long locks all over his pillow

Blair is the happiest morning person, I don't know where she gets it from but she is always so happy when she wakes up (or is woken up). 


After that we all grabbed Panera for lunch and made a Target run. I also rented Frozen for Sawyer, we FINALLY saw it and I know what the heck everyone has been talking about for the last 6 months!  

On Sunday the boys went fishing:
 While the boys were at the river, I did what I chickened out on doing the day before....I took Blair to get her ears pierced. They did the first ear and she didn't cry immediately like I thought she might (she was sitting in my lap facing out), and I said "hey she isn't crying" then I turned her around to see her face and it was the poutiest, saddest face I have ever seen-then she lost it and wailed. I felt like a real jerk right at that moment! Thankfully the crying lasted less than a minute combined after the other ear was done and she now doesn't even notice them. Plus, how cute is she?

When the boys got home everyone took a nap (though Blair's nap was on my lap) and I got to catch up on one of my favorite shows, The Good Wife. 
That evening we went to our friends house, Sawyer had fun playing with his best gal pal and Blair had Quinoa for the first time. She was so into it!

On Monday the boys went fishing again and Blair and I went to the Willamette Valley Pie Company to meet some old friends from the Mom's group we went to when I was on maternity leave. $1 piece of pie, who can pass that up?

Blair woke up happy as usual!

I can't get over her fuzzy blonde hair

I am pretty sure Sawyer would rather starve then eat a vegetable, so he was confused when Blair was eating these peas on Monday night. She was obsessed. I love it, I hope she is a better eater than he is! Maybe he will learn from her!

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