Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend and More

I have been so behind in my little blog! Life is so busy and I struggle sometimes with my home/work/mom balance, but I suspect that is pretty normal. I am cherishing all of the family time we have had lately.

Sawyer is such an adventurer and really loves to learn. He and Mike have been working on making a nice garden for us this last month and it is pretty adorable seeing him working out there and running things up and down the hill with his giant dump truck. He also loves to tell me about all the bugs, slugs, and snakes he sees knowing that I don't like those kinds of things. I try to make a big show with my reaction just to see his smile and hear his funny laugh. He is the sweetest and coolest 4 year old I know.

Blair is the cutest, chunkiest, sweetest baby girl. She loves being snuggled and loves being loved (the easiest things to do)! Even though I introduced food to her a month ago, she has just now started to be interested. She loves puffs and mum-mums, but maybe only manages to get about 10% of what I give her in her mouth. She loves to try though.

For Mother's Day weekend we didn't have anything planned,  but on the Thursday before Mother's Day our doorbell rang. I answered the door and there was my mom! Total surprise! I loved spending the weekend with her, and the kids did too :) We hung out at home on Thursday and Friday evening, and on Saturday we went to the Woodburn outlets and then Bauman Farms. On Sunday we went to the new REI in town and Riverfront part. 

I am too tired to put these in order, so here are some random pictures from the last month : )

awkward selfie but matching stripes for girls

I made him a sandwich in the shape of a fish, he was thrilled.

I can't handle these shorts
or this foot

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