Wednesday, April 23, 2014

6 months and Easter Weekend

On April 16th Blair Victoria turned 6 months old! I can't believe it! She is sweet, adorable, funny, curious, loving, smiley, and she weighs in at 19lbs 7oz! Most nights she sleeps through the night, she has tried baby food and doesn't care for it, she love to sit and play, loves to be held, loves her brother, loves her dad, and is just all around awesome.

I had Good Friday off from work, so we got to have an extra family day. We decided to make a trip to Bauman Farms to get a few more things for our garden. Blair rode in her new big girl seat for the first time.

Sawyer loved smelling the flowers

On Saturday we went to an egg hunt that a local church puts on for free! It was pretty awesome despite our Oregon Spring weather (rain). Free breakfast, games for kids, bouncy houses, balloon animals, egg hunts divided into different age groups, and I'm sure more that I can't remember. When the egg hunt for Sawyer's age group started he ran to the rack that had eggs for the other groups and tried to put those in his basket....thankfully Mike was able to redirect him. Sawyer is so dang funny. We met some friends there so it was nice to chat for a bit while the kids had fun.

After that we picked up this jumperoo for $15! Sawyer was happy to show Blair how to use it, and wanted to get in it himself. 

We also colored eggs! 

My mom The Easter bunny left some baskets for the kids (sorry for Sawyer's lack of pants, I tried)

I love how Blair kept looking at him trying to figure out what the heck was going on

Pierre wanted to share Blair's basket

Her shoes didn't last long, but I loved her outfit

Couldn't get a good picture of them, story of my life. And Sawyer is wearing hiking boots because we we were going to a friends house for an egg hunt, and it rained the previous day. Our weather doesn't allow cute shoes sometimes....

Sawyer and his pal Lucy had a blast looking for eggs


 Fun weekend : )

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