Saturday, May 17, 2014

7 Months and a New Bike

 My little darling Blair turned 7 months old yesterday! I say this at least weekly, but where has the time gone? She is a perfect sitter and loves to be held. She is on the verge of crawling, but while trying to get in the position she faceplants and gets mad, I think it will happen soon though! While I would classify her as a bit high maintenance, she is a wonderful baby girl who I am obsessed with. She loves her brother so much and he loves her. Their bond is basically most wonderful thing I have ever seen. On Mother's day when she woke up in the morning Sawyer went in her room and over the monitor I heard him saying "peek a boo, I see you!" and then her little husky laugh afterwards. This happened at least 10 times in a row and was the best thing I could have asked for as a mother.

Last weekend Sawyer decided he wanted to ride his bike, like REALLY ride it, for the first time. He was always scared to ride it and I finally got it out of him why he avoided it for so long: he was scared to fall. I assured him he would be ok (and he actually did fall and he skinned his knee pretty bad {oops}).Well, turns out that the bike we bought him when he was 2 is too small for a 4 year old. He did ok with it, but he really needed a new big boy bike. Today we went to REI and got him a new Novara bike and it is PERFECT. He was thrilled to get it. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly so he rode it back and forth on the back deck for a bit, but that is no way for a kid to break in a bike, so we took him to Riverfront Park this evening so he could really test it out. He was so cute and Mike and I were such proud parents.

Sawyer got some new Native's today and I got some new TOM's for Mother's Day. I am obsessed with both.

Proudly posing in the front yard with his new bike

 I love when they play together. Sawyer was telling her that she couldn't touch his truck

Blair was desperately trying to get the bow off her pants

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