Saturday, May 24, 2014

Back to Normal

Last week was kind of a new beginning for the Hufford family, but also in a way we are back to our normal selves. Mike started a new job on Monday after a few months of unemployment, so in a sense it was a new dynamic for all of us since the kids and I were used to him being around all the time. We liked having Dad home during those months, there was a lot of quality time and I loved getting pictures sent to me during my workday showing the life of "Daddy Day Care."

However, we are extremely relieved that he is back to work, it is very necessary. Sawyer seemed like he was having a hard time adjusting to Mike being back at work because he had some more frequent than usual grumpy moments during the afternoons. I think it is hardest on Sawyer, he really loves Mike and feels the need to be side by side with him at all times. Grumpy moments aside he was pretty good for me and most problems can be fixed with a hug and a glass of milk.

A few photos from our first week back to normal: Both kids tuckered out after our weekly grocery shopping trip on Sunday

I came out of the shower one night to Mike reading to the kids, I love Blair's thunder thigh

She loves him

this might be one of my most favorite pictures of her
You can see how thrilled Sawyer is in the background - Mike just arrived home

cranky before bed, maybe she was upset I put her in boy pj's

the girl loves her puffs!
jumping on the trader joes peony bandwagon

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