Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blair's First Weeks Home / We Love Fall

Blair's first few weeks home have been awesome and she is just perfect. She fits wonderfully into to our family! My parents were visiting, well my dad was here for a week and my mom will be here for another week, so we got to just all hang out and get to know this sweet girl while also doing some fun things inside and outside the house.

She is really snuggly and makes the funniest little grunts and groans. I can't believe she is already 2.5 weeks old, but I feel like she has been mine forever. I love love love her. She loves to lay on my chest and snooze and I am happy just sitting and holding her for hours. Sure I am tired, sleep is touch and go at night, but its all so worthwhile. Sawyer is adjusting as well as to be expected, he is a pretty darn cute big brother.

I am already feeling sad that the newness of it all is fading away. The newness of getting to know this sweet new baby and introducing her to family and friends - I just love that. Now we are settling into our new normal and that is fun and exciting too. I'm just emotional about it all I suppose.

 First night home, I hadn't done any of her laundry yet so she had to wear Sawyers baby clothes to bed

Our first morning home

 Sawyer woke up with a cough the day after this picture was taken, I've spent the weeks since then forcing everyone to wash their hands constantly

I can't even handle Blair's face

I look terrible but its worth it

Blair dressed for her first doctors appointment

First trip to Target, we had to run there after her appointment.

First time in the Ergo, she loves it

Beautiful flowers from my Mother in Law

A few more pumpkin patch pics

We have this little Audubon nature area 2 minutes from our house so one day we went for a little walk.

Sawyer could have thrown these leaves up all day long

Sawyer asked me to put her in this chair, then was spinning the toys on this saying "I spin these for you Blair! Don't cry!" (she wasn't crying, but it was so cute)

We went to our first nursing group this day (10-25) and she was over her birth weight! 8lbs 6oz!


Sawyer painted a pumpkin and had fun watching Mike and my mom carve theirs

Blair hung out in her swing during the pumpkin festivities

our new normal

I had my 2 week check up this week and I have to say I love my doctor who told me that I don't even look like someone who had a baby two weeks ago. I'll take that compliment! Blair had her 2 week check up as well and she is now 1+lb above her birth weight! She is impressive!

Life is pretty great!

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