Saturday, November 9, 2013


Sawyer was all about Halloween this year and all things "spooky" so even though I had a two week old I tried my best to make it fun for him. I may have been a bit too ambitious with all I wanted to do but I think he had a good time. Thankfully my mom was here to help make the day more fun! He loved our decorations outside, had Halloween lights in his room, and some kid friendly decor in the house that he had fun playing with the last few weeks.

We went to Target to get some candy and stuff to make some spooky cookies but first had lunch at Panera. This is where I think I was a bit too ambitious, Blair doesn't care much for the car, or I guess I should say sitting in her carseat. My mom and I had to take turns holding her while we ate while Sawyer was acting like a typical 3.5 year old. So yeah, it was a little nuts. I felt a little frustrated but then I remembered, I have a two week old and am still recovering from major surgery-it's ok that things don't go perfectly just yet!

Sawyer had fun decorating the cookies with me and eating the sprinkles and was so excited to go trick or treating! He was the funniest trick-or-treater I've ever seen. For one, he was the hit of the neighborhood and especially popular with the dad's. One guy who answered the his door said "A man after my own heart!" and the we walked by a group we had seen before who said "Hey! Its the cool fisherman again!" Sawyer was loving it all. He was good at saying Trick Or Treat and Thank you, and my favorite was after he said "thank you" he would turn around to leave and shout "LET'S GET MORE!" It was so funny.

 Blair is doing karate

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