Thursday, November 21, 2013

Things I want to remember: Volume 4

I don't do these often enough! I've already forgotten so many of Sawyers funny little sayings but lately I've been keeping a little log on my phone.
  • He has a police car that makes sounds and says phrases. The other day I was putting Blair in the car and I look over and Sawyer is standing on the sidewalk with his arm pointed at a car driving by and saying "STOP! In the name of the law!" 
  • He likes to pretend fish in the house and say "OH LOOK! I caught a big one" while reeling up the pretend fish and anyone in the house has to comment on how big the fish is
  • One day I came home with some groceries and he saw me putting the milk away and said in the sweetest most appreciative voice "you got milk for me? Thank you mommy! I love milk!" 
  • He has been on this kick where he doesn't want to be called Sawyer. He makes us refer to him as "Daddy's dad." It is both hilarious and ridiculous. 
  • Sometimes Mike calls him "big guy" and a few times when Blair was crying in the car I heard him say "it's ok big guy." 
  • Each car ride he loves to point out all the school buses and city buses, and when I am in the car alone I get all ready to point one out and then feel sad that he isn't there! It's just cute to see the smile and excitement on his face when he sees a bus. He loves anything transportation related, such a boy!
  • Sometimes I tickle him and he tells me to stop and I say "It wasn't me, it was Jacques (or Pierre)." He now plays that game. He was throwing toys in his playroom and I asked him to stop and he said "It wasn't me, it was Jacques!" darn!
  • He will have us play cars or something similar with him and "show us" how to do something, then says "THAT'S how you do it!"
  • I had a bowl of grapes and I asked him if he wanted some and he said "no, they make me grumpy" and now he says that about every single food he doesn't want to eat.
  • Since Blair has been born and we've gotten all the baby gear out he likes to double check that he used it as a baby. "When I was a baby I used this chair? When I was a baby I had this binky?" it's really cute. 
  • He calls medicine "Fussin." I think that is one of those things we'll be saying for years to come, it's just so funny
  • And last but not least, he can't perfectly say Blair, the "l" hangs him up.  So when he tells people about her he says "his name is Bwwwwair." We are also still working on the pronouns. 
I realize these things mean nothing to anyone but us but I love them and I know in a few years I will look back and cry at these memories!

we tried to go for a walk yesterday....

we didn't make it far.

I wonder if her eyes will stay blue! They are so pretty.

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