Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sledding Fail / Pierre is Fat / Secret Santa

We had this grand idea to take Sawyer sledding over the weekend. Sawyer was excited and so were we, he had so much fun when we went to Mt Bachelor that we figured it would be such a treat for him. We packed up the car with winter gear and snacks, hooked up his DVD player and set off for this sledding hill across from Hoodoo. He was so engrossed in his movie, Cars of course, that we had already been driving in the snow for a few miles before he noticed, we heard his little voice in the back of the car say "Hey! its snow!" so. dang. cute.

The snow level was low so it took a little longer than normal to get there. Unfortunately, once we arrived it was snowing pretty hard. We decided to let him sled for awhile until it was too cold/he was over it so we got him bundled up in his warm clothes, and us in ours. First mistake, Sawyer doesn't have snow pants. he needs them. He was just wearing kind of long underwear pants and sweatpants over them, but his pants were tucked into his boots and he had his cute Patagonia jacket so we know he was warm. Still needed the pants though, dang. Second mistake. I was not properly outfitted either. I was wearing sweatpants and Hunter rainboots. I am now convinced I need some snow pants and Sorels. (my old snow pants seemed to have shrunk ;) )

We start off and have to climb over a snow bank to get up to the hill, and Mike had no issues getting up there himself while pulling Sawyer in the sled. I, however, had some difficulties. I was in the wrong part of the snow bank I think because with every step I took my entire leg sunk down into the snow. Every. Step. My pants were wet, snow was in my boots, I was freezing. Anyway, I got to the "path" and was able to walk normally, I told Mike to keep going and leave me behind.

 I finally make it to where I can see them, and Mike positions Sawyer on the hill and I'm waving and trying to dry off my camera to take a picture. Mike lets go of the sled, Sawyer goes down about 35 feet and hits a little ridge that was practically invisible and flies off and lands face first in the snow. his sled slides on top of him. :( He was no happy. Mike ran to him, as did I, he was crying and saying "I want to go bye bye! I want Mommy!" Poor guy! and he lost his hat! (Mike found it)

We left.

Ever since then he has been talking about how he "crashed" in the snow. oops. I hope he forgets and only remembers how much fun he had at Mt Bachelor!

 The "aftermath" as I was running over, I don't even remember taking this picture

self explanatory

I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange with a few friends. Sawyer received his gift earlier this week and he was loving it. It gave me a good glimpse into what Christmas will be like and I am excited. He was so happy and grateful for his "prethenths" (presents) and it was adorable.

He received a little bag of shark and rays (he is obsessed), shark tattoos, and a play camp set.

Jacques was into it

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