Saturday, December 15, 2012

First Half of December

The beginning of December started off super fun with my parents, "Nana and Papa," visiting. Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures! Oops! Either way, we had a great visit, made some good food, and the grandparents got to spend lots of quality time with Sawyer. My dad only was able to stay one night, but my mom stayed a few extra days and Sawyer got to stay home from school. They had lots of fun building castles with MegaBlocks and making pillow ramps for his cars.

One evening we spent time at our friends house and Sawyer got to play with Lucy, "L"s are hard for him so he seems to call her Susie (said with a lisp), so cute.

She is so adorable

I had some vacation days left and took one day to stay home alone and get a ton of cleaning and organizing done. I felt a little guilty sending Sawyer to daycare when I had a day off, but being able to take a car full of stuff to the Salvation Army was really rewarding. The next day I had off we played at home and ran some errands. I love days like that. Then it was back to the grind!

was trying some fancy tricks to get a good picture with no flash,  I need a new dslr. Santa, are you seeing this?

And lastly, we juiced today! Our friends, Lucy's parents, let us borrow their juicer so we can see if we like it before buying our own. I liked it, Mike liked it, and even Sawyer liked it! I can't wait to try some different combos :)

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