Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Crafts

I decided to get in touch with my creative side and Sawyer and I did some Christmas crafts. Unfortunately, I am not so crafty, but I tried!

First up, Gingerbread house.

 nailed it! haha.

Next up, handprint Christmas trees and footprint reindeer, for the grandparents! we kept a reindeer for us and I wish we kept a Christmas tree too! I love them!

And lastly, turned out kind of lame, but I like it! a felt leaf garland! I wanted it to be longer, but I was lazy and it took forever to just do this much! perhaps I can add on to it next year!

I will try harder next year! All that matters is that Sawyer had fun with the gingerbread house and the paint projects : )

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