Sunday, December 30, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

I guess I should really title this Daddy's Birthday celebration, because his actual birthday was a little underwhelming since it was smack dab in the middle of the week (sorry babe!). Sawyer and I did our best to make his actual day special by getting him a rib-eye from a nice meat market, I hear it was good ;)

My gift to Mike: tickets for both of us to a Portland Trailblazers basketball game and staying the night at a hotel. I planned it for the 26th since he had the 26th off from work and I had the 27th off, that way he could just drive to work from downtown Portland cutting down his commute time, and then I could just go straight home in the morning to spend the day with Sawyer (and Nana and Papa, who so graciously watched Sawyer that night.) The 26th was the first night away that Mike and I had together since Sawyer was born!

We had a really fun time, we did miss Sawyer so much, but it was nice for us to be able to have a night out.

This was $8 (or was it $9?)!!  I can't believe the food and drink prices! (to be fair, this beer WAS full)

 Blazers win! They played the Sacramento Kings

Our cozy room, no too shabby!

having some "real" food once we got back, those were some good fries!

So fun! Happy Birthday Daddy!

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