Sunday, December 9, 2012

Picking out the Christmas Tree

We have this awesome Christmas Tree Farm right by our house, maybe a mile or two up the hill. This is our 4th Christmas going there and we love tromping around and picking out the perfect tree. I usually am not a fan of Noble Firs, but in the past it has been such a pain to get the Douglas Firs into the house because we always get a giant 9 foot tree. Mike has to drag it through the backyard up the hill and squeeze it through the sliding glass door, it is always a mess. This year we planned on getting the tree bailed, but the bailing machine wasn't working. I compromised and we decided on a Noble Fir since they are slimmer and we could just drag it up the front stairs and easily get it in the front door. I have to say, it looks really nice. Pictures to come once we are done decorating it :)

Sawyer loved picking out a tree, I say this all the time, but he is really in his element when out in nature (if you can call a tree farm "nature," I guess you can, huh?).  He of course insisted on bring his dumpy, broken down car. I got him his mercedes convertible diecast car for super cheap over the summer and he has destroyed it. There are no wheels, the doors don't really close properly, all these little details have been broken off, but he is obsessed with it. Such a boy!  

Mike pointing out a deer track to Sawyer

A little video I threw together, the song is Christmas Time by ALO

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