Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Golf Club Love/BIg Boy Potty Introduction

On Sunday we made our normal weekend trip to Target, and of course bought way more than we needed (is it even possible not to do that at Target?), but one of the things we bought was this dinky little plastic golf set for like, $5.99 or something. Who would have thought that Sawyer would think its the best thing in the world? I should have known with his love of sticks and balls.

We also bought him a potty, (about which I read later has really horrible reviews, oh well) and he was super interested in it. He kept asking me to take off his "bopper" (diaper) so he could sit on it for about .2 seconds, and would move it from the living room, to the hall bathroom, to the master bath, and then back to the living room. No actual use of it though, it was hysterical.

I am babbling, so here are some pictures of that day. We got Sawyer the movie "Open Season" since I suspect he was getting real sick of Finding Nemo. He watched it long enough for me to get some housework done, but only with his golf set in his lap.

He got in this box all on his own, and then asked me for his new toy


We also ventured outside where he liked running away from me. Little stinker!

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