Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Playtime With Brody

Last weekend we all went down to our friends house for some playtime and a bbq. We had a great time catching up with our friends, The Pauls. Sawyer had lots of fun playing with Brody and all his fun toys, and Brody was a really awesome sharer!

Being cute earlier in the day

The weather around here has been kind of strange, and it had rained earlier and got Brody's Cozy Coupe wet, and before anyone noticed Sawyer sat in it, getting his rear-end all wet. Oops! So he had to play with no pants for the remainder of the day.

The swing was a big hit, Sawyer was a fan!

After dinner the we roasted marshmellows and enjoyed a s'more! Sawyers first one, he clearly loved it! Oh, and the little boys got tattoos too, 

Doesn't Sawyer look hilarious? No pants, tattoo, ball, s'more

Can't wait for our camping trip this month!

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