Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pool Weekend

Last weekend it was just Sawyer and I (Mike was on a hiking trip with some friends) and it was dang hot out. We took our weekly trip to Target and I bought him a little blow up pool. It was a big hit! I got some of his bath toys, a bucket, and a beach ball to put in there and it was a load of fun ;)

Testing it out in the house

I tried doing a little of this while he was in the pool, but it didn't last too long

Taking a rest

We spent a long time looking at the Mickey Mouse book I mentioned in the last post

Enjoying it day 2! This time, with an awesome hat

I had set up the pool on the 2nd day while he was napping, so by the time he got in it the water wasn't freezing cold. It was so so nice, he asked me to sit in it with him so I did and the two of us played in the pool for a long time. I'm sure I looked like an idiot, but Sawyer was happy (and I was nice and cool) so I didn't care!

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