Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things I Want To Remember: Volume 2

Just a few more things that I want to write down so that my scatterbrained noggin doesn't forget. :)

  • Sawyer, all on his own, decided that my dad who we were calling Grandpa will be called Poppa.  He just started saying it while we were in Hawaii, and it was so cute and sweet. I don't know if my dad wanted to be called Poppa, or if he had a preference, but that is his "name" now. Fun fact, he also calls his other Grandpa "Poppa" now. We shall see what happens when they are in the same place!
  • Sawyer started calling his diapers "boppers"
  • When he throws a tantrum and wants to make sure I (or Mike) am watching and paying attention to him he will jump and throw his feet out in front of him and land on his butt. Over and over. It is quite funny and I cannot help but giggle. 
  • While on vacation he became obsessed with Airplanes and started to call them "Pair-panes" and he still loves them
  • He will now only sleep with about 18 toys in his crib, but that deserves its own post. So funny.
  • He is very into singing now, but neither of us knows what songs he is singing, but it is very sweet to hear
  • Still loves sausage
  • His favorite show as of late is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he loves "Fifi" who is actually Goofy. I took him to Target last weekend and we walked by some books and there was this big Mickey Mouse book with a bunch of flaps and he goes "The mouse! Fifi! book!" I of course had to buy it. On the back of the book Goofy is holding a watermelon and Sawyer said "Fifi, a ball! I catch it" and then put his hands out like he was going to catch a ball. I felt so much love for that little dude right then and there, it was just a really sweet little thing for him to say.

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