Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunshine Weekend {Lincoln City Beach Day and Playing in the Backyard}

When we woke up Saturday morning we decided it would be a beach day. The Lincoln City weather report promised sunshine and 66 degrees and for spring that is as good as it gets at the beach here! We stopped to get lunch first and then headed to the beach. It was warm but windy so I'm glad we brought our jackets. We haven't been to the beach since last August (and that was Santa Cruz) and I was a bit worried that Blair would get frustrated with the sand and that Sawyer would be upset that we didn't bring sand toys but both of them had so much fun. Sawyer brought a truck and some random little figurines and I brought some of Blair's beloved megablocks-though she mostly just liked throwing sand in the air onto her head. It's fun to be one! Sawyer liked burying his toys and then pretending (and sometimes not pretending) to forget where they were buried. It's fun to be five!

[I feel the need to explain that I have more pictures of Blair because she is more compliant, and not because I don't try to take pictures of Sawyer, he is less cooperative - it's a 5 year old thing ;) ]

Aren't these two adorable?


I'm kind of obsessed with these adorable shoes

There is my cute boy!

I love their sibling love

Blair hasn't fallen asleep in the car in ages, but a few minutes after we left I jokingly said "did I even put Blair in the car, why is she so quiet?" So I turned around  and strained to see in her little mirror and she was fast asleep. Even with Sawyer crying (because I ran into an outlet mall store without him while Mike circled the parking lot), poor guy. :( I felt bad!

The next day we stayed at home and set up some backyard fun for the kiddos. The backyard is kind of a disaster because Mike is working on some landscaping but hopefully soon things will be in tip top shape (and hopefully Mike can build some gates so the ghetto chair gate can be eliminated)

I think this hat is too small....

Every few minutes she would go over and yell at Mike, gotta love her ;)

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