Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sawyer Turns 5! / April 5th 2015 {Little North Santiam Hike}

Sawyer had been saying he wanted to go on a hike at this "place with the white water and a bridge" that he said he went to a long time ago. Mike figured out that he wanted to go on a hike at the Little North Santiam River which was a place they went to last year for a hike. We were both impressed that he remembered! The weather report said PM showers so we packed up early and off we went.

Sawyer really had the best time, he ran and yelled in excitement the entire time (which was about 3 hours).

When Sawyer woke up that morning I asked him how it felt to be 5 and he said "it feels good" and later told me that he felt "older and stronger." Isn't that so funny? I just love him to pieces.

5 years really blows me away! I remember going to the hospital the morning of the 5th and getting induced like it was just yesterday, and here he is a 5 year old. It is hard for a mom! 

Isn't he the cutest?

This was Blair's first "real" hike where she was in a hiking backpack and she did surprisingly well! She enjoyed pulling Mike's hair and grabbing his ears while squealing. : ) Love her!

Blair needed a high-5

I just can't even.

We stopped to have a little snack, Blair had fun toddling around and promptly went try to sit in Sawyer's lap.

Blair started to shiver so Mike wrapped her up and I almost died from the cuteness

she loved it


such a beautiful place

Back at home it was time for Sawyer to open presents from his mom and dad (and a couple more from my parents) {the wheelbarrow was a gift from Mike and Sawyer couldn't believe it and kept asking if he could keep it!}

Astronaut gloves to go with his flight suit!

He requested a cupcake for his birthday so I grabbed this giant one from the grocery store : )

Flight suit with the new gloves and socks 

We sure do love this 5 year old, I can't even put it into words.

*photos are a mix of mine and my dad's (mostly mine hehe)

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