Saturday, April 18, 2015

"The Beard" / Sibling Sword Fights / Pretend Napping

Background - Sawyer likes to go to sleep in our bed on Friday and Saturdays, it is kind of a weekend treat where we let him watch cartoons or a movie in our bed. Back in February he did this one Saturday night per usual, and I remember thinking "wow, he went to bed pretty easily tonight" since he often comes out to the living room requesting things (water, change the channel, etc) and this night he didn't. Late that night Mike and I went to bed and we turned on a light so we could see him to bring him to his bed and we discovered the below. I wish I had a picture of the look on our faces. Confusion, surprise, hilarity. I then made my way to the bathroom to see a bunch of makeup scattered on the counter and pretty much ruined (I was able to salvage most of it), black handprints were all over the bathroom, and on our white duvet. It was so hilarious, we could not  even believe it.

For his birthday I found this crocheted beard on Etsy and ordered it. I forgot to give it to him on his actual birthday (I am such an airhead, my coworker asked me how he liked and that is what reminded me, oy vey). Needless to say,  he is a fan.

Of course we had to have Blair try it :)
I belong to this group on facebook where you can buy/sell kids clothes and after I put this shirt on Blair I realized it needed to go, I could hardly get it over (or off) her head (big brains) so off it went.  I had to get a photo first since it is sooooo cute!

That day the boys went fishing so Blair and I had a girl's morning where she played with her shopping cart and then we went to the mall

The other night Blair busted into the living room with one of Sawyer's swords saying "HIYA" so now sibling sword fights are a regular occurrence.

Who doesn't brush their teeth in their personalized chair while holding a sword?

Then she decided to hang out on the couch with all of her babies....

and pretended to take a nap with them. It was the cutest thing on earth.

April 16th this girl turned 18 months old! I love her eyes in this photo, she is really such a pretty girl.

And finally my sweet Sawyer let me take his picture

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