Monday, April 6, 2015

Sawyer's 5th Birthday Party / Paw Patrol!

Well, it happened. Sawyer turned 5. I can't believe it and mostly because I remember all the details of when he was born. 5 years seems like SO long but it feels like just yesterday! 

The day before his actual birthday we had a party for him. I had started to plan a Spiderman party but he put a stop to that and requested a Paw Patrol party. I quickly went to Pinterest and found some great ideas, I must say the dollar store dog bowls and peanut butter and jelly "bone-wiches" were big hits ;)

Sawyer had the best time and I think all the kids enjoyed themselves - at least I hope so!


The favors were frisbees and cookies in the shape of dog bones and number 5's

Sawyer also requested a Pinata, too bad I couldn't find a Paw Patrol one but he didn't even question the pirate ship

I found these adorable Paw Patrol shirts for them at Target

Since the party was the day before Easter we had an egg hunt

They all had a blast in the backyard

Then we had everyone back to the front yard for the Pinata, pretty much the cutest event ever

A dog bone cake per Sawyer's request!

Before we sang he wanted to get a plate and leaned over the cake, smashing about 1/3rd of it. I can laugh about it now...

Blair screamed at me until I gave her a piece of cake

 My parents went to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida earlier this year and got Sawyer this awesome gift. It is the best.
*pictures are a mix of mine and my dads :)

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