Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was kind of an uneventful weekend for us but we got lots of family time in. We usually go to Mike's parents house for Thanksgiving (except for last year) but this year it just worked out a little better for everyone to come to us. My parents stayed in California this year and Mike's parents and his grandpa came over for the day. They left around 3:30 and it was really weird for us to have our house without additional family members on the evening of a holiday! It was our first year cooking a Turkey and Mike's mom and I each made a few sides and it all turned out really well! We were all stuffed! Even though Sawyer only ate a dinner roll I think he enjoyed the day, too. Blair ate a bit of everything - it makes me happy that at least one of my kids eats real food!

The day before Sawyer made some place cards and they turned out insanely cute:

 Excuse the mess in the background - the kids got some new jammies and they love playing with the hangers (I also got some more baskets on Black Friday to help with the mess back there!)
Blair is wearing the outfit Sawyer wore on his first Thanksgiving :)

They each got Santa jammies, Sawyer refused to take his off

Turkey coma + Football

Late lunch on Friday - Sawyer is in the holiday spirit!
 Saturday was our State football rivalry game and the kids were in their OSU gear - poor Beavers :(

Today we were going a bit stir crazy so even though it was only 36 degrees we decided to go to the park - how cute are these bundled up monkeys?

After the park we went to 5 guys for lunch, but not before getting a Panera PBJ for Sawyer (only this kid)

Blair tried her best to figure out how to play Hungry Hippos

I love this family of mine!

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