Sunday, November 9, 2014

Little Hike with Little Bundles

We were feeling a bit cooped up today so after Blair woke up from her nap (she took a 3 hour nap today - kind of awesome) we went for a short hike not too far from our house. I was excited to bundle them up in warm jackets and hats, and the biggest thrill was that Blair fits in Sawyer's old down jacket (and he still fits in the one we got him 2 years ago!). She rocks the blue, doesn't she?

She really wanted to walk rather than be held. We let her, and it was kind of funny, she was stumbling and sometimes would catch herself before falling, sometimes we would catch her, sometimes she had to put her hands down. Welcome to hiking life Blair!

The leader

I love this pirate face he makes, and Mike has started suggesting I get a new car (I don't want to) so I am happy to include this picture for a memory in case I do get a new car soon :) 

For some reason we brought a goose call (I don't really want to know why) and Sawyer had to give it a try

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