Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Things I Want to Remember - November 2014

I probably forget 80% of the stuff I want to remember so I need to keep writing these things down. My kids are precious and I know when they are grown up I will not remember any of this stuff unless it's here on my blog (hopefully this still exists somehow?)

  • Sawyer putting pointing his wrists at me over and over saying "mommy, why when I go like this spiderwebs don't come out?" Well, because you aren't spiderman. "ok." 
  • Blair running to Mike and saying "DADA!" when he gets home each night
  • Blair running in general
  • Sawyer singing his school songs and then acting shy when he sees me watching
  • When they play together nicely
  • Blair getting mad and yelling at me at Target when I thought she wanted the pink sparkly purse rather than the silver purse with a bow
  • Blair ripping the bow out of her hair and trying to put it in my hair
  • Sawyer telling me I'm his favorite girl (I hope that lasts forever ;) )
  • Sawyer telling me he likes chocolate pooding (pudding) and that his friend likes bornilla and chocolate pooding
  • Sawyer said the other day "Mommy, I like my long hair and I know you like my long hair. But I don't want it too long like a princess down to my FEET!" Point taken. He got a haircut.
Blair also had her 1 year check up today finally (oops). She is in the 86th% for weight and 40th% for height! Poor little shorty! But she is right on track with her development and the cutest and smartest in my opinion!

hair cut day
I sadly drew this turkey for Sawyer to color - turned out very cute and we will put it on the door for Thanksgiving so the grandparents know where to stop ;)

fighting over chip clips

School Thanksgiving program - pretty much the cutest thing of all time

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